Corduroy mini skirt

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Corduroy mini skirt
Item No .: PN19AW-013

A warm corduroy material with a seasonal feeling
Girly miniskirt.
Because the trapezoidal silhouette is not too short,
One piece that is easy to incorporate into styling.
Large rough knit etc.
Combination with Big Silhouette ◎

Has side pockets.
Back waist rubber specification.
No lining.

Material: 3% cotton 97% polyurethane

SizeTotal LengthWaistHem widthweight
1 42.5cm 60~88cm 55cm 348g
2 44.5cm 68~100cm 62cm 403g
3 46.5cm 76~112cm 69cm 471g
4 48.5cm 84~124cm 76cm 539g
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